The GOP has the better argument in the battles over funding the federal government and raising the debt limit. Dems try to misrepresent the republican’s position. Treasury Sect/. Jack Lew alleges that republicans have offered “this ridiculous choice where either you repeal the ACA”,–“ or you shut down the government or default on the US”, Pelsoi says that while Obama has been “extending the hands of friendship over and over, ungrateful republicans have responded by saying that “we will only open the government if you eliminate the ACA.”.
Schumer claims “Boehner said of TV—‘repeal OBC or we’re not dealing with the debt ceiling’”. In fact, Boehner said nothing of the sort. House republicans are not making a budget deal (or a debt-limit increase) contingent on repealing OBC. They are not making it contingent on defunding OBC. They are not even making it contingent on delaying all of OBC., rather they are making it contingent upon delaying, for one year the unpopular individual mandate—and eliminating the lawless OBC congressional carve-out.
For the more that the American people understand what the republican position actually is, the more likely they are to side with the GOP in this standoff. The dems claimed that their unprecedented mandate was constitutional under congress’s power to regulate interstate commerce. The courts ruled that the mandate could be construed as a novel tax of sorts.
July 4 weekend—via an underling’s blog post—that he was delaying OBC employer mandate for a year Obama had no legal authority to do this, yet he did it anyway.
The bill passed by a margin of 77 votes or 70 more than the margin by which Dems passed OBC. Reid has refused to bring the bill to senate floor and obama has said he’d veto it. Obama then pushed the office of personnel management to carve out an exception to OBC for benefit of congressional members and heir staffs. Under this exception –a lawless departure form OBC written text—those in congress will be th3e only Americans who will get to use employer health care contributions to buy insurance through OBC regular exchanges. Staffers making in excess of $150,000 will thus get their OBC based insurance subsidized by taxpayers, while (according to Kaiser Health OBC calculator) a typical 30-year old making $35,000 in, say Oh won’t get a penny’s worth of subsidies!
Republicans passed legislation on Sept. 30 that would fund the federal government in the new fiscal year, delay the individual mandate for a year and end the illegal congressional care-out. Senate dems and Obama haves subsequently refused to negotiate and Obama insists he “will not negotiate” over the debt ceiling.
Rasmussen reports a delay of OBC individual mandate by 56% to 26% and another poll by GEB International for Independent Women’s Voice oppose preferential treatment for congress under OBC by 94% to 4%. COBS polling shows only 23% of Americans agree with Obama that the debt ceiling should be “raised without conditions” while 75% think it should either be raised in connection with spending cuts or else not raised at all.
OBC cannot function without the individual mandate—its coercive core. A one-years delay would be too dangerous—because it might open the door to further delays and to further questioning of the whole structure of OBC.
Stephanie Cutter wrote on her White house blog: “if insurance companies can no longer deny coverage to anyone who applies for insurance—especially those who have health problems and are potentially more expensive to cover—then there is nothing stopping someone form waiting until they’re sick or injured to apply for coverage sine insurance companies can’t say NO. That would lead to double digit premiums increase –up to 20% and increase the cost of health care spending nationwide.”
In other words, the individual mandate is one piece of OBC that can’t be removed. Without it—by the administrations own admission—OBC would become “cost prohibitive,” this means Americans ultimately have two choices: learn to live with the unprecedented mandate or repeal OBC.

Source—weekly standard, Jeffery anderson

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