11/13/13 (48H)
Lindsey Graham threatened last week to place a hold in the senate on all obama amd. Nominations until the president and his advisers cooperate fully with the investigation into the attack in Benghazi. “let’s be clear that some republicans are choosing to play politics with this for partisan purposes and we find that unfortunate—Jay Carney
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Utah, there are too many basic questions about that night remain unanswered. To many of those who know what happened have not yet spoken. On Oct. 27, COBS concluded that Benghazi “was a planned sophisticated attack by al Qaeda against a barely protected American outpost”. That no one in Washington would listen to their warnings. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews excoriated the adm for its failure to respond during the attacks and its failure to answer the many reasonable questions since then.
Where were the people that could have come?
We had lots of coverage of people when we killed Bin Laden, how come this is shrouded in mystery? Month’s later we’re still trying to figure out what happened. Did everybody make a really good desperate effort to save the lives of our people over there or didn’t they? CNN disclosed that a raid targeting one to the ringleaders of the Benghazi attacks had been called all. A few days earlier; Fox news aired a report on the jihadist background of some of the attackers. Where was the president that night, why didn’t we send reinforcements during the fighting, what was the primary mission of more that tow dozen CVIA affiliated personnel in Benghazi, and why haven’t we captured or killed any of the attackers. And who were they???????
Lucas Tomlinson, Fox asked why tow chief suspects in the attacks, both with long al Qaeda ties have not been listed on the department “rewords for justice” program which offers money for information that leads to the capture or terrorists. There’s an ongoing criminal investigation, as you are very familiar with, that you just referred to so I’d refer other question to them. “When you call them ‘extremists’ will you not say ‘al Qaeda’ from that podium. She would not. “It’s an ongoing FBI investigation”.—STATE DEPT BREIFING—JEN PSAKI
The weekly standard and Lara Logan of 60 minutes and fox’s Catherine Herridge, has uncovered multiple al-Qaeda ties. The suspects include an Egyptian who was trained by al Qaeda in the late 1980’s served as a terrorist commander under Zawahiri in the 990’s, a Libyan who served as one of Ladens bodyguards and a former Gitmo detainee who worked for Laden as a driver, and a trusted al Qaede currier was involved in the attacks.
Oct. 7, Muhammad Jamal was designed as an al Qaeda affiliate terrorist. Jamal imprisoned under Egyptian Mubarak only to be release in the wake of the Egyptian revolution in 2011. The WSJ & NYT said Jamal trainees took part in the attack.
Jamal “reported to be involved in the attack on the US mission is in custody in Egypt where he is awaiting trail according to the UN. Another Faraj al Chalabi a Libyan a bodyguard of Laden is suspected of delivering sensitive materials from he compound in Benghazi to al Qaeda senor leadership in Pakistan. Libyan government repeatedly accused Cahalabi of being responsible for the murder of a German couple in 1994.
There’s more, US intelligence officials believe that Suifian Ben Qumu a Libyan ex-Gitmo detainee trained some of the jihadist who carried out the attacks. Ben Qumu is one of the original “Arab Afghans” who traveled to fight the Soviets in the 1980’s.
Qumu is an “associate” of Bin Laden. He was responsible for overseeing the finance for the 9/11/01 attacks. He received Bin Laden family support. He was released form prison in 2010 as part of a deal Qaddafi cut the militants. The then became the leader of Ansar al Sharia in Derna and trained some of the rebels who helped overthrow Qaddafis regime.
Qumu is “the new face of al Qaeda in Libya and believed to be close to the al Qaeda clandestine network”.
Yet Obama seeks to define them as something other than al Qaeda operatives. State consistently refers to the Benghazi attackers a generic “extremists”. Obama referred to “extremists” operating in Libya and Syria as “simply collections of local militias or extremist interested in seizing territory”. He did not identify them as a part of al Qaeda international network. With regional networks—launch periodic attacks against western diplomats, companies and other soft targets. The president’s description of the Benghazi attack network does not match the evidence collected by the US intel community. The documents captured suggest Benghazi was for more that a “local” effort.
Mokhtar Bel okhtar, an al Qaed commander received a call from members of ansar al sharia on the night of the attack “MUBRUK, MABRUK” (CONGRAULATIONS).
Belmokhtar was an AQIM commander on the night of the attack. Algerian government said that a group of Egyptian who took part in the attack were also involved in the siege of In Amenas, which left dozens of westerns dead.
In his speech at DNDU the president claimed, “the core of al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan is on the path to defeat.

Sources weekly standard, Stephen hayes, Thomas joscelyn and above


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