2014 revenues are estimated to be over $3 trillion and the debt is projected at $17.1 trillion.
Dems calling for single payer system, bottom line more go on Medicare ration used to 4:1 paying in today it’s 2.5:1. In 2012– 20.6% spending to GPA but now its at 22.8%.
What will happen to the revenues and this spending when interest rates go up? Obama has spent over $100 million on the OBC website that didn’t work. Now they want to go to 9 hour school day. School spending grades 1-12 in 2009 was $638 billion or $12,743 per student.

So far at least 300,000 have gone into Medicaid. How is the government going to get it’s money back form obamacare? “I made a mistake”—where’s Hillary with her “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE”. WILL OBAMACARE BECOME THE NEXT GOVERNMENT BAILOUT? Medicare will be broke in 13 years. Five CIA personnel have been asked to sign another letter of “Not to Disclose” what happened in Benghazi—they are to keep quite, if not they will be not be paid or will be terminated. FDA, CIA, NSA and IRS all now looking at our personal data.

7/19/2010 Obama knew 40-67% would have their insurance policies cancelled. The IRS, HHS, Treasury are all looking a war between the white house and the insurance companies. So far 5,091,843 (AP) have had insurance policies cancelled so far. Did obama know about all of this 59% say yes—fox poll. 55% believe obama tried to deceive the people. Green bio-fuel (Ethanol) creates a pollution problem. It takes 40% of the corn production just for Ethanol production, plus it takes 450 pounds to fill one gas tank, and must be transported by truck etc. it has received over $45 billion in subsidies.
Another $1 billion expected to be spent on the website for OBC. Remember when Obama attacked Hillarie’s health care plan during the election primary) and said “Nobody should be forced to buy insurance.

106,000 have signed up for OBC. 69 million Americans are now dependent on the government. Navigators are telling people to lie to get better cost on insurance. Navigators are felons and Acorn workers. 86% of the people fell these navigators are unacceptable. Privacy 42% confident it will be kept. So far $100 million being spent for navigators.

Source—fox news

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