11/26/13 (45GH)
Clinton Turns On Obama: Clinton his outspoken demand that Obama reverse the cancellations is a bold step into the waters in advance of a 2016 Hillary candidacy.
By having her husband articulate her views without saying so, she preserves deniability while putting distance between herself and ObamaCare, an important step for the former sponsor of the similar HillaryCare package of 1993. The cancellations in health care policies looms as the single biggest threat to the Obama presidency, undermining his signature credential even as a paltry 50,000 American go to federal — and 40,000 to state — exchanges to sign up.
On November 12, 2013 Polls show that a majority of all voters would like to see every incumbent defeated — including their own members of the House and Senate. Sobering news indeed. The reason, in my view, is that the politicians are out of step with the electorate. While voters are crying for pragmatism, they get only ideology. When the electorate wants negotiation, Washington offers only confrontation. At a time when the public cares less than ever about party labels, they seem to count for more and more inside the Beltway. Let’s revisit my theory of triangulation. At times in our history, voters want polarization to flesh out alternative solutions to new problems and national challenges. We have had enough of debate over ObamaCare. We want its problems to be solved and solved quickly. We want politicians to learn from their mistakes, to skip the social engineering and to compromise on what makes sense. From the right, take the need to let people keep their policies, and take the bells and whistles out of the required coverage. They don’t want mandates or coercion, but they are OK with incentives.
From the left, take cuts in loopholes. From the right, take cuts in spending and entitlement reform. On the economy, voters want an end to excessive regulation, a tempering of the green enthusiasm and a return to pro-growth policies. From the left, take regulation of Wall Street abuses. From the right, take an end to hobbling business with global warming obsessions. For entitlement reform, eliminate bold plans for rejiggering Medicare or Social Security
First, Russia shows the impotence of our Syrian policy and now France demonstrates how we are appeasing Iran foolishly. Iran would have gotten (according to Senator Mark Kirk -R-Ill- who has been the leading advocate of sanctions): An end to sanctions on its gold sales which would have netted at least $10 billion in gold sales Relief from Petrochemical Sanctions. Last year Iran exported $11.2 billion in petrochemicals. Automobile Sanctions Relief. With the auto sector owned by the Revolutionary Guards, the $1.3 billion in likely sales would go toward the nuclear program. Unfreezing of $3 billion of Iranian assets.
This $20 billion of sanctions relief would be a heaven sent rescue for Iran’s failing economy. With a GDP under $500 billion, it would amount to a 4% increment — about the same as giving the U.S. $600 billion. It would also boost Iran’s total foreign exchange reserves by 25% and double those that are fully accessible. Under the agreement, Iran would be allowed to continue enriching uranium, up to 3.5% utilizing 9,000 centrifuges.
Iran could also continue to manufacture centrifuges. At Iran’s current installation rate of 500 centrifuges per month, it would make 3,000 over six months added to the 19,000 it already has, shortening Iran’s breakout timeline by 16%. And there would be no prohibition against Iran continuing to work on the Arak heavy water reactor, which is scheduled to come on line in mid-2014. So, under this wonderful proposal, Iran would be able to produce one bomb within six months, enough to destroy Israel. Moreover, Iran could restart its enrichment program without the world even knowing. France rightly insists that Iran de-commission its centrifuges and halt construction of its plutonium plant before any tradeoff for reduced sanctions or asset turnover.
But the larger point is how inept and weak American foreign policy has become.

Sources—dick morris, the hill, senator kirk,


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