(52H) 11/26/13
The political machine of Harry Bryd selected Va., governors based upon their loyalty to the “the organization”. Terry McAuliffe has all the sleaziness of Bill Clinton with noe of the southern charm or policy wonkery. For the mimicked the old Clinton approach, which will surely be Hillary’s tack in 2016. McAuliffe did exactly what this mater did in 1996. he started with a solid base, lower socioeconomic strata , poor African Americans and those that made less that $30,000 a year and got 90% of the black vote. He won 57% of people with a postgraduate degree and 55% of people who make more that $200,000 a year.
Add the voter’s blame of the shutdown gave him a slight plurality pointing at the republicans. He played the role of crusading populist, looking out for the people and not the powerful. He massively out raised his opponent. Dems as liberal as McAuliffe to paint a positive vision of th future. Instead he had to scare the bejesus out of people, warning them in ad after ad that his republican opponent Cuccinelli, is an extreme crypto-puritan who would set the Old Dominion back a century or more.
He also managed to win more Obama opponents than Cuccinelli won obama supporters. The Republican Party donor class never really gave Cuccinelli a second look.
Hillary will go up Wall Street and nudge –nudge-wink-wink, reassure the country’s economic barons in so many words that, indeed all will be fine in a second Clinton presidency. She’ll use Goldman Sach money to convince the country that her opponent will hand the government over to Goldman.
Fear mongering over birth control, abortion, immigration, gay marriage and any other cultural hot-button issues she can think of.
The party must find a candidate who not only is immune to Clintonism, but also does not exacerbate existing divisions within the GOP coalition. Can Christie reassure the base? Can he appeal not simply to the Northeast, but also the Midwest? Can he stand up to Clintonism when it is actually being administered by a Clinton and funded by a half a billion dollars or more?

Source—weekly standard, jay cost


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