12/4/13 (52H)
If your looking for a clue to what a Hillary administration might get up to check out her husbands speech at the annual meeting of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Associations. His idea du jour is to jump start the economy by depositing all banks fines into an infrastructure fund, so we can put the money to work fixing our supposedly moribund roads and bridges.
Infrastructure spending is how an administration might spend billions of dollars without bothering Congress to appropriate the money.
Most spending gets done or baldy political purposes and that the folks currently in power will wildly over promise when necessary, but the relevant ones here are that there is no such thing as a shovel ready projects and that infrastructure construction tends to be very capital intensive leading to relatively few jobs created per dollars spent.
His suggestions taken from the New Republic suggesting that the leftward tilt of the democratic party the past few years has passed Hillary by and that she is in danger of being outflanked to her left for the nomination—again by someone like Elizabeth Warren.

Source—weekly standard,


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