11/30/13 (40H) 12/4/13
Unions are protesting at Wal-Mart in Texas for higher mim. Wages these are union’s people and not the Wal-Mart workers doing the protest. Wal-Mart stated they are ready to promote over 160,000 workers in 2013. Why are the unions only protesting against Wal-Mart and not the other big box stores? By the way who forced the people to work at Wal-Mart anyway?

OBC—companies plan to shift HC cost to employees and at a higher cost mounting to about $3 trillion a year. Not to worry though congress and staffs will be ok as they retain theirs and get subsidies. Too many believe they things in life are free! Student loans needing more help since the government took over the program. $41.3 billion has been made by the government on this program in 2013 (interest). They cut out the private sector! There are over 7 million pell grants issued. This is the Freddie and Fannie of student loans.

69% of Americans like their current HC plans. (Gallup) 2013 lowest hurricane season on record in the last 30 years—where’s that Global Warming—it was predicted by NOAA we would see at least 7-11 this season. There were 3-6 major ones predicted but we got “0”
Government spending on Global Warming:
2008 $8.46 billion
2009 $33.7 billion
2010 $8.71 billion
2011 $8.95 billion
2012 $9.67 billion
2013 $9.13 billion
2014 $11.5 billion
Germany and Denmark’s utility cost are 3 times higher than in the USA due to Global Warming regulations and policies.

In the recent deal with Iran we gave up over $7 billion in assets back to them. Also we released frozen funds of $4.2 billion.
Obama phones Lifeline Phone Plan—FCC fining them $33 million against the providers for fraud. Already $14.4 million in fines against 5 have been paid since October. In 2012 we spent $2.2 billion on this program. In 2008 is was at 819 million users at a cost of $6.7 million and in 2012 17 million users costing $2.2 billion

Source—fox news


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