Obama is relegated to playing defense for the rest to of his White House term. His poll numbers have slipped to new lows. His speeches are full of alibis and accusations. Obamacare is a mess as partly a political headache. White House works to flip OBC narrative and Commentary’s Peter Wehner calls this attitude “detachment form reality”.
Those 40 years of age and younger will discover next year their insurance premiums are “a lot higher than they would pay in today’s market. Lower middle income and middle class Americans will find their access to doctors is limited. And the best hospitals and some doctor have not agreed to take on this category of patients. Patients will be forced to endure longer waits as a result of a doctor shortage. In 2015 and 2016 the popular Medicare advantage program will shrink. Low-income folks and those with preexisting conditions will prosper under OBC.
And those under 30 who chose a “catastrophic-only” policy with high deductibles? They won’t be thrilled when told they are ineligible for a subsidy, whatever their income.
He’ll be stuck on defense, unable to change the subject. His agenda won’t help. A $9 minimum wage, universal preschools, immigration reform, global warming legislation, more infrastructure spending, higher taxes there’s nothing close to a national consensus in support of these liberal leftovers.

Source—weekly standard, fred barnes

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