12/8/13 (40H)
Union members protesting against McDonalds want a $15.00 minimum wage workers make up 67% of the workers. One idea suggested was to tie wage increases (mim wage) to inflation—but that wouldn’t work as Obama said there is not inflation?
Are those protestor being paid by unions or do they work for McDonalds? How about Amazon using Drones to delivery packages in their immediate areas?—some say this would be target practice!
Reid favored his staff getting OBC now he’s not for it—WHY?

Oregon congressman wants to double the gasoline tax for bridges and highways use.
They get $121B a year now plus the stimulus money for the same purpose? Toll road collect $11.8B a year in the states in 2011, plus property assessments of $9.8B plus $14.5B in states taxes for these construction items. Since cars getting better mileage less gas used equal less taxes collected. If taxes raised how would they be tracked/spent since they can’t keep track of current receipts. There are toll bridges out there which had closure dates on collections that are still collecting today, years later.
Obama and Sebelius on have met once on OBC in the White House according to WH records. A US judge has ok’d Detroit’s bankruptcy.

Bush expansion—2002-7 bottom 1% went up 6.8% —Obama 2009-10 up 0.02%
The top 1% under Bush went up 65%, under Obama went up 93%.
Reagan tax cuts—bottom 20% increased 11.8%, and top 20% up 12.2%
Amazon handled 26.5 million transactions in one day and Walmart handled 1 billion in 5 days—OBC handled??????
Take into consideration; the government doesn’t have a start up cost like a private business would. Spend, spend—so what.
Changes to OBC that caused delays—against constitution and law passed without check and balances on the law—
1. Delayed employer deadline
2. Delayed small business deadline
3. Decided insurers can reinstate policies cancelled for violating the law
4. Decided Americans can get subsidies even if they aren’t in state insurance exchanges
There are 16 cities close to bankruptcy in the USA. Rand Paul has a plan for them—free market—lower taxes leave tax money there, reduce regulations.

Obama on 7/5/10 to the insurance companies “no more tax payer funded bailouts, PERIOD
Now he is offering to insurance companies Dollars to help offset the losses in premiums revenue and profit. That might occurred under the traditional policy. After committing $1 trillion over 10 years for OBC Obama now saying lets help the insurance companies. There is a provision in OBC for 3 years—“RISK CORRIDOR” if insurance companies suffer loses, the government to reimburses them YOU KNOW THE EVIL INSURANCE COMPANIES AS HE’S CALLED THEM



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