(5GH) 12/11/13

Obama-“there are things I really believe in”, it’s his economic, domestic, and foreign policies that he’s glued to, no matter what. Obama insists he’s “pretty pragmatic” about how he achieves his goals. A pragmatist would change failing policies or at least tweak them Obama wants to double down. Americans with jobs is fewer than in 2007, and millions have dropped out of the job market altogether.
“We know what works,” if republicans would agree to spend more. Another type of spending that boosts the economy: food stamps. Every food stamp dollar “generates up to $1.80 in economic activity. Obama’s plan is government only –that is, spending he controls. Rather than offer incentives to the private sector to invest in growth and jobs, he brags about raising taxes on those earning more that $400,000.
In 2011 he agreed to the Budget Control Act that established tight spending caps. Now’s he’s endorsed a Democratic budget for 2014 that exceeds the caps by $91 billion and would boost taxes by $1 trillion over the next 10 years.
Obama’s biggest bugaboo is the sequester, which mandates across the board cuts in discretionary spending, $109 billion in he 2014 budget alone. McConnell has proposed “flexibility” to allow obama to choose what programs are cut and by how much. The president rejected the idea. He wants to replace at least some of the cuts with tax hikes, not other cuts. He would wipe out tax breaks, then spend a sizable chuck of the proceeds on infrastructure. He’s invested no political capital in persuading congress to trim corporate taxes. He’s eager to tax overseas profits, which already been taxed by these foreign countries.
Obama once was leery of same-sex marriage, now obama was posturing for political purposed in the 2008 presidential campaign., the same was true with his opposition to an individual mandate to buy health insurance. He reversed that upon taking up the health care issue in 2009. on foreign policy, there are two threads in Obama’s thinking, both pursued in spite of their cost. One is his willingness to toss American allies overboard to cultivate adversaries. To “reset” relations with Russian, he reneged on a plan to put missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech republic. The wooing of Russia failed.
America has strayed form its historic role as protector of Asian nations against Chinese expansionism and bullying.
This year he canceled a trip to a meeting of the Association of S.E. Asian Nations. A dispute over its claim to an “air defense identification zone” in the East China Sea, in his attempt to buck the Chinese.
We know why he balked at aiding Syrian rebels and offering support to antiregime protesters in Iran: he was seeking gull-blown negotiations to curb Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons. Obma brushed aside resistance to the one-sided deal—it favors Iran—by America’s two strongest allies in the Middle East, Israel and Saudi Arabia.
The fact that Iranians were responsible for American deaths in Iraq and Afg, didn’t dissuade him. Iran’s lies in denying the breadth of its nuclear programs.
Source—weekly standard, fred barnes


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