12/14/13 (40H)

Sebeluis is hiring a “CHIEF RISK OFFICER” to manage OBC—the duties have yet to be determined. Still nobody has been fired over the start up screw-ups.
Podesta has also been hired to develop the single payer system, which is very similar to Medicare.
Only pictures from now on that can be shown must be taken by the white house. Medicare had in the past 4 paying for one, by 2030 it will be 2.4 to one—it’s going broke. Fraud cost the program $17 billion a year. Is adding 50 million more people to it going to fix it??
In the new budget there is an airline security fee for the TSA inspections which currently cost $2.50 a ticket now will be $5.60 for a one way ticket. It is estimated to bring in $20-25 billion over 10 years. This is a fee not a tax according to the government. These funds are not earmarked for any particular use. This deal was made to avoid another government shutdown. It is a $62 billion increase in spending.
Millionaire and those making over $250,000 on the rise—thought Obama against that?
21% will make more than $250,000.
The GM bailout is going to cost the taxpayers $10.5 billion or $30.00 per American.
We were to have 3.3 million signed up for OBC by the end of Dec., so far we’ve gotten 364,682 signed up, and they need 55,000 a day to sign up to make their numbers. 803,077 have qualified for Medicaid or chip.
The white house is doing ads and using movie stars to sell OBC to the public—if its such a great deal why the need to advertise?
Since the young are not signing up, will they still have to pay their student loans too?
Congress has passed a record low number of bills this year only “57” whereas the average is “310” a year.
The Post office is going to lose over $5 billion this year. In 2012 they had revenues of $65.2 billion and their compensations is $48.6 billion a year.
Government is coming out with “gift cards” for OBC.
Millennia’s (YOUNG)—45% unlikely to sign up for OBC, while 22% likely and 29% 50/50 on it.
To make it OBC needs 40% of those under 35 years old to sign up.
NSA can now spy on your “X-BOX”—they can also turn on your laptops

Source—fox news


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