(40H) 12/26/13

We are now at 20 white house fixes on OBC. If OBC is dropped or implodes what will happen to the market? Obama is now blaming his problems on OBC because we do not have a functioning government. Another new twist the government is considering paying kids to eat healthy in schools.

IRS doing business with 1168 companies who owe back taxes of over $589 billion—1118 have no plan to pay off their debt re an IG report. One OBC contractors owes $525 million. Could the IRS—not being ready for OBC be part of the delays? Remember all the tax refunds going to the same addresses. Better get your 40-60 watt bulbs they stop being made next year.

A house report on tax oversight on Navigators misconduct and a lack of a plan of to deal with website crash. These people are being paid $20.00 to $40.00 and hour.
Federal grants awarded in the amount of $205 million to Hawaii on navigators—500 enrollees at a cost of $410,000 each (Kaiser)
$67 million in HHS funding to navigators so far, $208 million federal dollars to help individuals enroll into the exchanges. HHS says 18,000 “assisters” have been trained without background checks. To date $275 million has been spent on Navigators programs w/o checks and balances.
72% feels big government is more of a problem that big business.
GM, CEO they will not be able to pay off the Bailouts loan of $10.5 billion. (government takes the lose)
The government however did get back $39 billion of the $49.5 billion given them. Government sold its remaining stock (31 million shares) last week. Bondholders got 10 cents on the dollar.

Source—fox news


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