.HERMAN CAIN—- (53GH) 12/27/13

“We obviously are going to have to remarket and rebrand, and that will be challenging in this political environment.”
“The Affordable Care Act as I said, the bill itself, has got very good concepts and yes I would support it again.” (Senator Mary Landrieu, D-Louisiana, December 4, 2013)

“The product is good, people want it and we should not live in a country where people are going bankrupt because they get sick.” (President Obama November 26, 2013)

Telling people the product is good when millions of people have experienced the opposite is no way to sell a product filled with broken promises. But the president didn’t stop there. He threw in a little scare tactic about going bankrupt if you get sick. Rasmussen Reports telephone survey (December 3, 2013) shows that 81 percent of voters believe ObamaCare should be repealed or changed, the president and the Democrats are clinging to their health care “titanic” full speed ahead!
Here are the facts! (Just a reminder for most of you):

· The Affordable (a.k.a. Unaffordable) Care Act is a redistribution of health care costs scheme. It shifts costs from richer to poorer, younger to older, healthier to sicker, and men to women.
· Everyone is required to buy the same features in their health insurance policies, even if they do not need or want them.
· As a result, everybody’s health insurance costs will increase significantly unless you are poor enough to qualify for the elusive subsidies, which are difficult to determine. If not, you might qualify for Medicaid.
· You may not be able to keep your current health insurance plan (or your doctor) if it covers less than what the law defines as a “good” plan. In which case, your plan is considered a “junk” or inferior plan even though you were happy with it.
· If you do not buy health insurance, then you will be fined a penalty and the IRS is responsible for collecting it as the designated health care police.
· If your health insurance plan is “too good” or better than the top platinum plan allowed by ObamaCare, you will also be fined. (a.k.a. Cadillac plan tax)
Bureaucratic limitations of doctors’ and patients’ choices for treatment, and sub-par reimbursements to health care providers, will decrease overall quality of care.
Using a dysfunctional website costing nearly three times its original estimate to build (and counting) is a prescription for further failure. It will not work, but the president does not care what. We the People think, because we are not smart enough to make decisions for ourselves.


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