D’oh! HealthCare.gov apparently generating incorrect information about users

HERMAN CAIN (53GH) 12/27/13

You go on HealthCare.gov, create an account, enter your information, pick out a plan, calculate your subsidy if applicable, but the system may have forgotten to tell the insurer about you. Or it may have logged duplicate records of your enrollment. Or it may have gotten information about your family members wrong.
The mistakes include failure to notify insurers about new customers, duplicate enrollments or cancellation notices for the same person, incorrect information about family members, and mistakes involving federal subsidies.
The idea that one-third of the enrollment records are flawed “doesn’t accurately reflect the picture of what’s happening right now,” White House senior communications adviser Tara McGuinness said.
“We’ve got a team of experts already working closely with issuers to make sure that every past and future 834 is accurate. We’re confident they’ll succeed,” McGuinness said. The 834s are nightly enrollment forms sent to insurers to tell them who their new customers are.
The White House is subtlely trying to blame the users for some of the errors, saying they’re clicking SUBMIT more than once or going back and forth on the site when they shouldn’t.
This is not even mildly difficult for your average e-commerce site designer, but it apparently is a bit much for the people who got more than $600 million from the Obama Administration to spend three years building a site that still doesn’t work properly.
Oops. Woman cited by president as ACA ‘success story’ can’t afford ObamaCare
Jessica Sanford. She’s a single mom from Washington who was, at one time, one of Obamacare’s brightest talking points. Now, she’s learned that the subsidies she was promised aren’t coming, her policy will be far more expensive than she hoped, and she can’t afford to be insured. By the way, isn’t it interesting that even CNN has started referring to this mess as “the Obamacare fiasco?”


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