(47H) 12/31/13

The American public is skeptical of the Obama adm. interim agreement with Iran concerning the Islamic Republics nuclear weapons program. Americans by a large majority mistrust the mullahs and believe that it’s unlikely Rouhani fantasies of a “historical reconciliation” with a state sponsor of terror that has been targeting America, our interests, and our allies for 35 years.
As it turns out, the American people are not isolationist, nor are they “war-weary,” as Obmaa has described them. They’re wary of their leaders and of the yawning gap between the white house public posture and its real intentions. 12/9 a Pew report on the agreement showed that 43% disapprove with 32% approving it. A large majority of respondents 62% say that the regime in Tehran is not serious about addressing international concerns over its nuclear enrichment program.
Luntz Ghlobal on behalf of al-Masdar net and the poll shows 84% of Americans believe Iran is using negotiations to stall as it continues to advance its nuclear weapons development. Only 16% think the regime is negotiation I good faith.
John Kerry admitted last week that the final deal would likely allow Iran some limited ability to continue to enrich uranium, 86% polled believed Iran should not be allowed to enrich at all.
77% disagree with the white house and argue that more sanctions and additional financial pressure are the best way to get 6th e regime to abandon its nuclear efforts.
Geneva does not require the Iranians to freeze their nuclear program as the pollsters said; nor does it neutralize Iran’s current stockpile. Most economic sanctions are for the moment left in place, the effect of Geneva is to unravel the sanctions regime, as international corporations are now lining up to do business with Tehran.
Iran would receive $7 billion in immediate relief was way too low; the real figure is much closer to Israel’s original assessment of $20 billion.
This shows that two-thirds of the US public is deeply skeptical that more jaw-jaw with the regime in Tehran is likely to lead to a permanent agreement to curb its nuclear weapons program. Virtually every poll gives clear evidence that Americans want a negotiated settlement. The American public does not believe the Iranians are dealing in good faith.
Americans are weary—of a president who takes a cavalier attitude toward national security.

Source—weekly standard, lee smith


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