40H 12/30/13

In 2013 there were 13 new taxes added due to OBC. Approximately at a cost of $300.00 a year to every American. Premiums tax has gone up 2%, and the user fee by 3.5%, reinsurance and risk adjustment fees up by 3.8% on investment income for couples making greater than $05k. Medicare A tax rate increased by 1.45% to 2.35% on incomes greater than $200k. There is a 3.5% fee starting 1/1/14 on the plans sold on the government system. A 30-year-old male least expensive plan will increase by 260% in 2013-14. Silver plan deductible at $2550.00 twice than those of employer plans. Insurance companies must spend 80% of their income on treatments/services or pay a fine.

40% of the businesses say they are going to cut back or not hire. 31% already have!

More regulations coming as Podesta hired to monitor them. Does this mean more taxes??? Look for more executive orders. There has been 14 OBC changes already. Add in the
B.P. fine, the IRS, the NSA, stopping off shore drilling and the GM bailout and we have a well functioning government. As mentioned, Podesta hired to keep those regulations and executive orders coming. Did you know if the OBC website gets hacked the government does not have to report it—its in the law. AS OF 11/13/13 there has been at least 16 attacks against the website.
Lawsuits—we spend $350 billion on those cases and even back to 2010 it was $265 billion. The cost of these lawsuits adds a cost of around 8.7% to companies cost.

Minimum wage changes to take effect in 13 states 1/1/14, will that cost jobs? To date there has been 1.8 million signed up for OBC, the government needed to see at least 3.3 million. As reported last week watch out for an insurance companies bailout from the government!


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