40H 1/7/14
Hiring will be temps according to businesses. Our national debt is now at $7.3 trillion. That makes the average household debt in 2008 $12.54 trillion11.28 trillion it has gone down—BUT the government debt in 2008 was $9.2 trillion and in 2013 it is $17.3 trillion. The government is proposing another $1 trillion in spending bills. Airlines are considering a charge to sit in phone free zones on the plane. 53% say they would pay it.

Some Dem’s at the white house want obama to hire a CEO to run obamacare, handle the changes, fire people etc. I this a mis-direction mover or more smoke and mirrors? Should OBC make a profit—it is currently set up as non-profit. What about subsidies? 13 states raised the minimum wage the first of this year. Will this kill any hiring? The government wants to extend the unemployment benefits (Pelosi said we’d make money on it). Could this be a bribe to get votes? NY new head wants to tax the wealthy—surprise! 150 unions want back increases.

OBC 6.17 million were cancelled and only 2.1 million signed up. Fiat is buying Chrysler for $4.35 billion—the government loaned them 12.37 billion in 2009. Taxpayers and bondholders LEFT out in the cold. HHS new rule book shows they are predicting $2 billion in bailouts to insurance companies in 2014-15. $1 billion more in 2016, all from our treasury. 65% are against these bailouts. Chrysler got $12.37 billion and paid back $11.13 billion.
New Medicaid enrollments are up 40%. Hospitals are being mentioned as the next bailout after the insurance companies. Will OBC be next candidate for a bailout? Chicago under funded union pensions by $27 billion or $9871.00 per resident. 8 states or counties have less than 60% of the funds needed to pay their pensions benefits—CT, IL, KY,LA,OK,NH,RI,WV.

8 US cities or counties have filed for bankruptcy since 2010. 2013 global warming showed 11,852 record lows and 10,073 record highs.
2009-13 the federal government spent $78 billion on GW. 2007-11 US carbon emissions decreased by 7.7%. Re the BBC artic summers ice free by summer of 2013—whoops. Between 2012-13 the ice coverage grew by 29%.

Michael Moore now on record saying that OBC is awful needs to be a single payer system—sound familiar? Medicare for ALL. 2014—40,000 new laws and regulations hit the books. Selibus, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, Obama all want a single payer system.
$100 billion to green energy and one of the biggest takers is a friend and fundraiser for Obama. He has gotten over $100 million. He is from India

fox news


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