1/11/14 (40H)
We currently have fewer employed since the Carter Adm. 4% of the CEO’s plant to hire only part time workers. To cover OBC companies are going to hold off of increases and benefits to cover cost. 917,000 people stopped looking for work in Dec. Participation Rate is actually 62.8%. Over 40% of companies are going to pass the cost of OBC to the employees. The information hacked from Target is now at 70 million customers. Lenders looking at your social media data (face book etc) before okaying a loan—see what your Credit worth is.
64% of those making $50-75,000 will pay more for OBC. Are people getting to comfortable on welfare and do not want to work. Weights lost companies are being fined $34 million for false advertising. (Deceptive claims)
The. The IRS is getting $1.35 billion to help manage OBC. (Implement) re the GEO there is $67 million missing from the IRS that was to be used for OBC. There are 46 new taxes they are going to enforcement in 2014 on OBC. The 2014 IRS budgeted $440 million for 1954 new workers to implement OBC. More will be added in 2015. The USSR constitution states:
“Citizens of the USSR have the right to work including the right to choose their trade or profession, type of job and work in accordance with their inclinations, abilities, training and education” (1963)
Youth misery index (employment, college loans, and their share of the national debt) in 1993 was 53.1% today its 98.6%. Unemployment for 16-19 years olds at 20-25%, 20-24 year olds is 11.1%
Just back from a $4 million vacation, Obama is preaching income inequality. The war on poverty, which began in 1964, is going to have a new name for 5 states “Progress Zones”, the states are OK, TX, CA, KY, and PA. They will see lower taxes, and less regulation. Nothing said about the other 45 states? The Obama Adm is going to run ads during the Olympics to sell OBC at the tune of taxpayer money of $684 million, why do you have to advertise a LAW? A 30 second ad is to cost $400-575,000 during prime time. Did you realize the Traffic Jam is getting more coverage than Benghazi, whitewater, and file gate.

Hillary opposed the surge in AFG. If al Qaeda are washed up and not longer a threat what the hell are all of those flags flying over Falluhah mean. Also Obama didn’t believe in his own plans on AFG. Did you realize unemployment checks create jobs?

Source—fox news


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