— Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the agreement between world powers and Iran as a ‘historic mistake’ that doesn’t bind his country. Israel wanted world powers to oblige Iran to stop enriching uranium and dismantle an unfinished heavy water reactor at Arak that could eventually produce plutonium, materials that could be used to produce weapons. .” Israeli officials have described Iran’s nuclear program as an existential threat, saying all options are on the table to stop it, including a military strike. “The Iranian regime is committed to Israel’s destruction. “If the deal gives Iran the ability to achieve a bomb within six weeks, we won’t be able to sit idly by.”
One of President Barack Obama’s biggest Democratic allies is putting pressure on the administration by urging Congress to pass sanctions legislation against Iran after Tehran announced a new generation of equipment to enrich uranium. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) told Fox News that the “Iranians are showing their true intentions.”
“If you’re talking about producing more advanced centrifuges that are only used to enrich uranium at a quicker rate … the only purposes of that and the only reason you won’t give us access to [a military research facility] is because you’re really not thinking about nuclear power for domestic energy — you’re thinking about nuclear power for nuclear weapons,” he said. Key Democratic and Republican senators are crafting legislation to reinstate the full force of Iran sanctions and impose new ones if Tehran doesn’t make good on its pledge to roll back its nuclear program. That Iranian technical experts told counterparts from the six powers last week that some of the cutting-edge machines have been installed at a research tract of one of Iran’s enriching sites.
Iran argued that it had a right to do so under the research and development provisions of the Nov. 24 Geneva accord. the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany – said the officials. They said they have argued that installing any centrifuge that increases overall numbers, particularly a new model, violates Tehran’s commitment to freeze the amount and type of enriching machines at Nov. 24 levels.
In commitments under the Geneva accord, Iran agreed to freeze the number of centrifuges enriching uranium for six months and only to produce models now installed or in operation. The development regarding uranium enrichment reflects the difficulties expected in implementing the Nov. 24 deal as the two sides argue over interpretations of the document outlining both Iran’s obligations and moves by the international community to ease economic sanctions in return for Tehran’s nuclear concessions.
Such differences could delay the deal past its envisaged January start and strengthen both hardliners in Tehran and congressional skeptics in Washington who argue that the accord doesn’t work and gives Iran too much for too little in return.
In Geneva, Iran also agreed to limit its uranium enrichment to 5 percent and neutralize its stockpile of 20 percent enriched uranium.
Depending on its grade, enriched uranium can be used for either reactor fuel or – at levels above 90 percent – for the fissile core of a nuclear warhead. Iran insists it has no interest in nuclear weapons.
Interestingly enough, when GWB was president you heard about the military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan almost daily. With Obama in the White House, the mainstream media has been strangely quiet. —
More than 1,000 American soldiers have lost their lives in Afghanistan in the last 27 months. This is more than the combined total of the nine years before. Thirty have died in August. White House flag flown at half-staff for the Sikhs that were killed. There is a deep disgust, a fury, growing in the ranks of the military against the indifferent incompetence of this president.
Obama has had 5 years to end this futile insanity, during which time he has vacationed, golfed, campaigned, and generally ignored the plight of our men and women in uniform.
Sources—newsmax, the blaze, firewire, Jason howerton,


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