3GH 1/23/14
The liberal media-watchdog group backed by billionaire George Soros says its “war” on Fox News is over, claiming it has neutralized the right-leaning network and no longer sees it as a threat.
Media Matters Executive Vice President Angelo Carusone bragged late this week to The Huffington Post. “To a large extent, we won,” he said.

This week Media Matters gave the Huffington Post a look at its internal strategic plan for the next three years. Fox, which became the single focus of the activist group founded by bestselling author and journalist David Brock, has made key changes in programming that makes it no longer a worry to the left and the Obama administration.
Media Matters also argues that Fox is not as influential as it once was because of the Internet and social media. polls show the highly rated network remains on top when it comes to viewer trust.
A recent poll showed Fox News to be the most-trusted source of information on Obamacare, with a 19 percent ranking that put the network ahead of President Barack Obama, other major news networks, and even members of respondents’ families.
Since the election, other key conservative contributors such as Bill Kristol, Newt Gingrich and Dick Morris did not have their contracts renewed.
Mark Levin took aim at the network saying it had become establishment “Republican media” whose hosts have been “preaching accommodation, and surrender and moderation as conservatism.”

Source—sandy fitzgerald


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