41GH 1/26/14
The Ryan-Murray is not a great deal. But the fact is, its passage will avoid a government shutdown. A shutdown would be a distraction. It would take the heat off Obama and Obamacare, and all the Democrats who falsely promised that if you like your insurance and doctor, you can keep them. Only 70 percent of the sequester is left over the next two years. Functioning as a pro-growth tax cut. Losing that discipline is my biggest problem with the deal. The spending increases are tiny and there are no income-tax hikes. The sequester itself is not dead. And a costly extension of unemployment insurance never made it in the bill.
And the really strong Ryan budget — which he put forth in recent years, and includes entitlement and pro-growth tax reform — would have a lot better chance if Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and then claimed the White House in 2016.
Sources—larry kudlow

On Thursday morning, Obama signed the much-maligned, bipartisan budget deal along with a defense bill and five other pieces of legislation while vacationing in Hawaii. But there’s a small detail in that sentence that’s interesting: unlike when he “signed” the fiscal cliff bill into law during last Christmas’s Hawaiian vacation, Obama actually put his signature to these bills in person. That means that bills had to be flown to Hawaii to be signed:
WH spokesman says Pres Obama signed each the 7 bills into law today by hand. No Autopen. It means all the bills had to be flown to Hawaii.. It’s unclear how much money such a trip cost. In order to sign the bill into law in the opening days of 2013 that delayed sequestration cuts but raised taxes on some, Obama read the bill and then ordered it to be signed via autopen back in Washington. He then directed the bill be signed by autopen.” The validity of any bill signed into law using the autopen, especially when Obama isn’t in the room.
“I’m very, very surprised that this is now the third time that President Obama has done this, especially given that it was the Bush OLC [Office of Legal Counsel] that produced the memo and Bush himself refused to take advantage of the autopen,” Prof. Terry Turnipseed told the Times back then. “Even Bush did not think that this was something that should have been utilized on a constitutional basis.”

*This story has been updated to note that the bill signed into law in January of 2013 actually delayed sequestration cuts. It also raised taxes on larger income earners.
Sources—the blaze, firewire, Jonathon seidl, mark knoller, nyt, weasel zippers

It’s no mystery what the left intends to make its next life-or-death issue: income inequality. It’s almost as if they were conspiring to distract us from Obamacare. Obamacare caused cancellations of millions of policies of insurance for people. That is so last year. The important thing is that liberal icon Barack Obama forced quasi-socialized health care through Congress, and any harm it causes people must take a back seat to advancement of the progressive agenda, which is ostensibly designed (in the progressives’ minds) to prevent harm to people. Ignore the foolish inconsistency. Nor does it matter that Obama lied about the harm his sacred plan would cause.

Judy Woodward didn’t say, “We need to get the economy moving again and get people back to work.” She conflated “doing something about the economy” with “the argument for addressing inequality.”
You grow the economy “from the middle out,” by which they mean you fuel economic growth by redistributing income. You don’t generate economic activity by punishing producers and taking their earnings and giving the money to others. How in the world could that expand the economic pie? The recipients will mostly produce less because they are rewarded for not producing.
Efforts to misuse the tax code to equalize outcomes — as opposed to using it for the purpose of securing funds for constitutionally prescribed federal government functions — will usually harm the economy. In 2008, Obama told ABC’s Charlie Gibson he favors increasing capital gains tax rates despite the fact that such increases had resulted in less revenue for the government. “It’s a matter of fairness. For Obama, it was more important to punish the “rich” than to help the poor. That’s his mindset — and it’s warped. The wealthy need to be punished — even if it means hurting lower-income groups.

A half-century and trillions of dollars in government transfer payments have not helped the poor. Even The New York Times is grudgingly conceding that after 50 years, “the war on poverty declared 50 years ago by President Lyndon B. Johnson has largely failed.” Because class warfare and government dependency programs are their ticket to power. CNN’s Candy Crowley unwittingly admitted as much when she asked Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker why any unemployed American or minimum wage worker would become a Republican.
Sources—david Limbaugh, gop usa


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