40H 1/27/14
Companies are announcing layoffs—texas inst.-1100, Target—495, JCP, Intel. Sams, Bombardier are just a few.
IBM, Macy’s MAC D’s, Walmart, Best Buy, GAP and Sprint all reports sales down.
Since 1978 we have the lowest amount of working people. 74% still believe we are in a recession. National debt now at $17.3 trillion. We have 50 million in poverty. Target to drop insurance on part time workers.

General Mullen—the national debt is our most major threat. Global Warming—according to the UN the rich nations are causing it—no mention of China. It takes a week for the pollution from china to reach our west coast. Geithner is threatening them S&P for their downgrading our credit.

1/23/96 Clinton said the era of BIG GOVERNEMNT is over.
Food stamps, 2004– 9% on them, in 2013 up to 20%. 100 million on welfare. Welfare caseloads in 1996 was 12.2 million, in 2000 it was 5.9 million. (no spending cuts)
Able bodies adults on food stamps in 2008 1.9 million, in 2010 5.9 million. ($77.6 billion spent on them over 10 years),
47 million on food stamps in 2013.
Another OBC delay—enforcement of OBC for executive benefits rule delayed, (special benefits) EQUAL COVERAGE???
55% of American get health insurance for employers. IRS has a role in 47 provisions of the new HC law. To date adm has revised or delayed at least 25 provisions of the OBC. (where’s the pay czar) IRS in Hollywood targeting conservative groups.

The income gap between bottom 20% and the top 5%—-2008-$159,288 and in 2012 $%170,557 the gap is growing but wait Obama has the solution.
Total government welfare sp[ending from 2009-13 was $2.8 trillion.
On 5/11/09 guess who said he was going to save a family $2500 on annual HC premiums, but actual numbers so far shows their cost is at $2581 a year increase—isn’t that a $5081 swing in cost?
He is still blaming the republicans for blocking everything.
NFL pays no taxes, BUT the teams pay over $9 billion a year and the players pay $10 billion.

Source fox news


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