1/27/14 40H

Remember how US fish and wildlife service used to get over ONE spotted owl possibly losing its home? Now thousands of birds fired on solar panels is no big deal. Motherboard magazine says several of CA solar plants that the birds are crashing to their deaths when their feathers are singed by the scorching heat. Many casualties are species protected under the FWS’s own Migratory Bird Treaty Act, but FWS officials seem unconcerned. No wackos are chaining themselves to solar panels to protest. The government is “waiting” for more information. Eric Davis—The Desert Sun

Beijng has decided to wage a war against their horrific air pollution by banning…barbecue grills. Over 500 grills have been confiscated and dismembered by authorities. Outdoor cooking has an infinitesimal impact on air quality, but that’s not the point. It’s about control.

Knob Snobs—government utopians in Vancouver, Canada have developed amendments to the building code mandating levers. Levers on faucets, doors, to jettison round doorknobs. They have concluded that knobs are “difficult to operate” the Vancouver Sun

Vermin Vice—according to Science Daily, researchers have progressed from luring rates into smoking mini-cigarettes and drinking tiny martinis, to turning them into compulsive gamblers re a study in Biological Psychiatry. U of British Columbus re=searcher created a “rat casino” with sugar pellets rewards. Tiny slot machines experience the same thrill for near misses as they do for wins.

Tone Deaf—The Apache ASL apartments in Tempe, AZ is one of the few apartments complexes in the US that caters specially to the hearing impaired. But now the US dept (HUD), which contributed $2.6 million to build the project in the first place—is putting the kibosh on it. HUD claims the complex is quality of “discrimination,” get this, for renting predominately to the DEAF. They’re demanding that 75% of the units be rented to the able-bodied. Michael Trailor AZ dept of housing director claims, “the attorneys I dealt with at HUD, I would characterize as ignorant and arrogant and much worse, they are powerful.



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