1/27/14 42H
We’ll tolerate some spin on taxes, spending, regulations and scandals, but we have zero tolerance for lying or cynically twisting the truth regarding issues that affect our access to health care and doctors we trust.
Horizon BCBSNJ wanted to let customers keep their policies in 2014, based upon president Obama’s declaration that he would allow cancelled plans to be renewed. The government informed NJ department of banking and insurance that current policies cannot be renewed without major changes that would have changed the plans dramatically and led to large prices increases.
Contrast that to the 400% surge in the monetary base since 2008. Never before had our central bank knocked down the overnight cost of money to near 0%. And never before had it attempted to beat the longer-term cost of money to a fraction of its real price.
Forbes columnists David Malpass have pointed out that this momentary version of price controls is a form of credit allocation. The federal government easily got all the cash it wanted at unltracheap rates, i.e. deficits without tears. Big companies had no trouble accessing credit and putting their balance sheets in pristine order. But credit to small and new businesses dried up.
Through its quantitative easing the Fed effectively sucked up much of the financial markets short-term credit that normally would have gone to these businesses. “The US private sector has been facing one of the tightest money/regulatory policies in history.”
There are two other, very obvious factor that explain why there has been o explosion in higher consumer prices. One is higher taxes and an ever more convoluted and corrupt tax code; the other is the chaotic uncertainty that Obamacare has visited on business and the American people. With out a weak dollar there would never have been a housing bubble. Through, credit suppression of a kind we’ve never seen before and growth-crushing levels of taxation and regulation will keep us form enjoying vigorous, sustainable growth.
Belgium is on its way to allowing doctors, with parental consent, to kill children deemed to be afflicted with “constant and unbearable physical suffering”. The kids must also sign off on this. We are on a slippery slope to becoming a society like that envisioned by Nazi Germany on in which “undesirables” are disposed of like used tissue.
Quebec is about to enact one. Advocates claim they only want to end the misery of those writhing in unspeakable pain.
The number of adults euthanized in Belgium soared 25% between 2011and 2012; the annual toll is now seven times what it was when the law was enacted and accounts for 2% of all deaths. A similar percentage in the US would result in more than 50,000 killings.
To put in perspective the total number of people murdered each year in the US is about 16,000. Holland euthanasia officially accounts for 3% of deaths.
As euthanasia becomes more accepted—we’ll descend to the next abomination: pressuring the sick to discontinue treatment for a likely fatal illness in the name of “saving scarce resources”. An enormous percentage of medical costs are wracked up by people who have less than six months to live. Britain already has its own version of a death panel.
The true mark of a civilization is in how it treats it most vulnerable member.
Source—forbes—steve frobes


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