55H 1/28/14
Americans are longing for leaders who are prepared to solve problems, rather that sweep them under the rug.
We need balance in the political parities so that quality candidates who will be committed to legislation can win office.
They must be wiling and able to operate constructively in such an environment. Congress abysmal 11% approval rating signal that Americans are fed up with politicians who are more beholden to ideology or ambition than running the country. They expect
leaders who do not consider compromise to be a dirty word and pragmatism to be an antiquated concept.
Restore checks and balances in our government legislators are ceding too much authority to the federal agencies by writing huge, confusing and vague laws—like Obamacare and Dodd-Frank—leaving the regulators to fill in the blanks.
Executive orders and powerful policy czars—appointed without senate confirmation—the president is working to advance his agenda outside the purview of congress. Every administration should operate with transparency, accountability, and within the constitutional division of powers.
We need to stop wasteful spending and increase managerial competence.
It is the people’s responsibility to send good leaders to Washington.

Source—thomas Donohue, us chamber of commerce.


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