1/27/14 23LH

Advocates of assisted suicide tell three lies—the first is that assisted suicide/euthanasia is a strictly medical act. Second they falsely assure us that medicalized killing is only for the terminally ill. Finally they promise that strict guidelines will be rigorously enforced to protect against abuse. A new bill tabled in the Scottish parliament would legalize assisted suicide for “terminal” or progressive and either terminal or life-shortening” conditions—undefined terms that could easily include chromic ailments such a s diabetes, asymptomatic, HIV, infection and MS.
The Scottish bill goes a radical step further by creating a new profession—the licensed suicide facilitator”, authorized by the state to help suicidal patients kill themselves once a doctor has issued a lethal prescription. (CALL THE IPAB IN THE USA—DEATH PANEL)
Licensed facilitators would be authorized to when substances “dispensed or otherwise supplied for the suicide of the person is taken”. They would also be authorized to remove lethal drugs—presumably narcotics—from the home after their client died.
Such a heavy responsibility one would think should require extensive education in mental health disciplines and medicine. Nope. The legislation leaves it up to regulators to decide what experience and training licensed suicide facilitators will require. The bill specifies that organizations could be licensed—a boon to pro-euthanasia groups. Individuals as young as 16 also the minimum age to receive assistance in committing suicide—would be eligible for licensure. If the bill becomes laws one teenager could be legally authorized to help another teenager commit suicide.
Belgium warns of the consequences of accepting killing as an answer to human suffering. Its laws allow broad access to euthanasia, when “the patient is in a medically futile condition of constant unbearable physical or mental suffering”, which cannot be alleviat4ed. Since 2002, some Belgian doctors have implemented the law as if it permitted death on demand—EXAMPLES: transsexual repelled by the results of a sex change operation, a depressed anorexia patient, the joint euthanasia of deaf twins who asked to be killed together when both began losing their eyesight, joint euthanasia of elderly couples who preferred immediate death to eventual widowhood.
Belgian doctors also combine voluntary euthanasia with organ harvesting. Joint euthanasia /organ harvest have become so normalized that Belgian doctors created a PowerPoint presentation urging colleagues to be on the lookout for suicidal patients with MS.
And now, Belgian parliament seems likely to legalize child euthanasia. Just passed a bill allowing doctors to kill sick children. Belgium’s euthanasia guidelines are a mere veneer that can be violated without consequences. (LIKE GOING AROUND THE CONSTITUTION).
When violations finally come to public light, lawmakers simply amend the law to reflect actual practice—SOUND FAMILIAR.
Netherlands is where the categories of killable people have expanded like a sinkhole. Now psychiatrists want to get in on the killing.
On this side of the pond, Quebec is close to legalizing euthanasia. All major political parties in the provincial parliament support the plan, which would unlike any other proposal I have seen forbid assisted suicide and require doctors to kill qualified patients as medical treatment. It would accomplish this bit of prestidigitation by renaming euthanasia “medical aid in dying” (YOU MEAN LIKE MEETING WITH YOUR DOCTOR TO DISCUSS THIS UNDER OBC/ACA) and mandating that doctors “administer such aid personally” when asked by a legally qualified patient.
All Quebec doctors would be legally required to euthanize qualified patients—or, if morally opposed, to refer Patients to others willing to kill them. (WONDER IF GOSNELL CAN GET OUT OF JAIL)
The USA too has seen a lurch in assisted suicide policy; voters in Mass narrowly rejected a legalization referendum last year. Proposals her usually limit doctor-prescribed death to the terminally ill and include bureaucratic guidelines that supposedly will protect against abuse.
Vermont has a new assisted- suicide law that contained such provisions when lawmakers passed it in May. But the “safeguards” will sunset in 2016. After that no state oversight of any kind is mandated. Instead suicide-assisting doctors will make their own rules so long as the patent is “capable and does not have impaired judgment”.
TO RECAP: starting in 2016 doctors in Vermont will assist patient suicides under what mounts to an honor system, no questions asked. What could go wrong?

Source weekly standard, Wesley smith


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