(31H) 2/3/14
I’m sure you all recall how Mr. Obama always seemed to go after what the CEO’s of major corporations, oil, finance—you name it and he railed against how much they made. There comes a time when you just make too much! Have you heard him go after the Hollywood types or his donor corporations?
Just look at one group that Obama has ignored and even called one of its members to congratulate him on being gay, but not mention of his Salary.
Basketball: Le Bron James=$90 million
Kobe Bryant=$64.5 million
Derrick Rose=$38.6 million
Kevin Durant $31.8 million
Dwayne Wade=$30.7 million
Carmelo Anthony=$30.4 million

This is not just picking on basketball players and the Baseball players and NFL, NHL and others are all paid millions.

How would you like to make $30+ million to make a movie and then rail against others for what they make and donate? Why don’t these Hollywood stars do movies for free and give their wages to charity.



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