Al-Qaeda’s Man of The Year

(1GH) 2/4/14

The more conservative factions – the right wingers – are totally against the idea because they feel that the very idea is blasphemy against The Profit Mohamed. The more liberal – the progressive – factions believe that having a Man of The Year would show how modern and progressive Al-Qaeda really is and would enhance the effectiveness of their evangelical efforts.

Al-Qaeda is a religious organization with political aspirations; committed to holy war as a means of achieving universal subjugation of all free men whereas The Muslim Brotherhood is a political organization that uses religious doctrine in a holy war as a means of achieving universal subjugation of all free men.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been in existence as a political organization since 1928 and remained unknown to the western world until recent times. In a remarkably short period of time, the Muslim Brotherhood has risen from a minor footnote on the political landscape in the Middle East to a world force encompassing ten countries in East Asia, seven countries in Africa, and four other major countries to include both Russia and the United States. The last time the world saw such a meteoric rise to prominence was the Rise of The Third Reich – Nazi Germany under Adolph Hitler. And some might argue that Nazi Germany’s treatment of European Jews was much more kind and humane than the treatment of all those who oppose the Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.
In 2011 Brotherhood was legitimized in Egypt when our strongest ally in the middle East, Hosni Mubarak, was ousted by the Muslim Brotherhood.
In 2012, the United States sent the Muslim Brotherhood $450,000,000 in American Tax Dollars. It has been reported that from the initial American incursion into Iraq, captured arms and ammunition were being exported to the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the Middle East by the trainload.
In 2013, working with the Muslim Brotherhood, the black flag of Al-Qaeda was raised over two of the three major cities in Iraq.

Brotherhood was declared a terrorist organization in the nation of its birth.
In 2014, Barack Obama publicly refused to back the position of the Egyptian military and stood fast with his soul brothers, the Muslim Brotherhood – thus earning him the much envied title of “Al-Qaeda’s 2014 Man of The Year”.

Source—tea party nation, Darwin rockantansky


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