Hillary’s New Year’s resolutions

56GH 2/4/14
Maybe we can take a sneak peek at Hillary’s thinking and resolutions for the New Year.
First on the agenda must be Obamacare. She needs to quickly distance herself from this stillborn train wreck. “Misstatements.” In the world of big lies, this may have been the biggest one in U.S. history.
However, what will become even more clear over the next couple of years – just in time for the 2016 election – is that Medicare is still heading for bankruptcy and that care to retirees must be reduced or rationed through death panels (OK, the Reaper Curve’s Ezekiel Emanuel might call them “life panels”).
Covering the uninsured, full portability, and pre-existing conditions will be shocked and disappointed to learn that the program cannot possibly pay for those features without more private-sector competition or a huge increase in taxes – it will also be clear to young Americans, homeowners, and stockholders that there are huge hidden taxes in Obamacare that they were never told about.
Hillarycare, that mind- numbing mess that was so complicated that Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen had to accompany Health and Human Services Secretary Donna E. Shalala to try to explain it to Congress. That brings to the table the secondary political issue of competence. Hillary Resolution 1: I will never, ever, talk about health care.
On the subject of running things, the U.S. economy comes to mind. The Federal Reserve and Office of Management and Budget’s joint Ponzi schemes of massive debt and quantitative easing will hit the wall over the next couple of years, leading to a serious problem of global confidence in the U.S. dollar and the U.S. economy. Hillary must detach herself from the high-debt and high-deficit, money-printing policies of this administration and come out as a “compassionate” fiscal hawk
Resolution 2: I will deny I ever saw a real Obama budget (actually, nobody did) and demand a balanced budget. (I might even go for tax cuts.)
The third leg of the 2016 campaign preparation is foreign policy. U.S. foreign policy is in ruins. Over the next two years, it will become clear that the United States has lost Pakistan and Afghanistan to both Islamic extremists and to China; that Iraq is no friend or ally; that Iran has nuclear weapons and long-range missiles; that Iran and Syria are aligning with Russia, as are other parts of the Middle East and that no one in the Middle East, including Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, trusts us; that Europe, after the NSA scandal, is moving quickly away from us; and that U.S. military strength is in decline. The bottom line is that the United States is losing key allies at a record pace and is finding itself more isolated and distrusted than at any time in recent memory. Hillary was in charge of the State Department during this entire fiasco. And then BENGHAZI.
Resolution 3: I will attack the Obama administration’s foreign policy as a failure and promise to restore America’s strength, trust and respect in the world.

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