$224,863 Gov’t Study Aims to Break Through One-Size-Fits-All Barrier…for Condoms.

The National Institutes of Health will spend $224,863 to test 95 “custom-fitted” condoms, the New York Post reported.
The study was spearheaded over condoms’ “disappointingly low” reported usage, the government said, adding that a third to half of men complain that their condoms don’t fit well, and they’re less likely to use them, the government noted.
The NIH points the finger at U.S. “regulatory guidelines” that keep choices in a “narrow range of condom sizes.”
While the grant was given to TheyFit of Covington, Ga., which offers a wide variety of condoms that vary in width and in length — from a bit more than 3 inches to nearly 9.5 inches — they’re unavailable in the United States.
The European Union countries have access to them, but it’s a no-go here because they haven’t been approved by the FDA. Then mass production of latex models gave way to a one-size-fits-all condom, TheyFit added.
The project titled “Behavioral and Manufacturing Science to Commercially Develop Fitted Condoms” isn’t the first recipient of NIH money to condom research; it handed out $423,500 in 2009 for a study to learn why condom usage is so low in the United States.

Sources—dave urbanski, the blaze, zero hedge, new york post


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