(40F) 2/8/14

From this mornings financial news shows:
The dem’s feel OBC is for employees as they now will have more free time, they can move around jobs, spend more time with families and work lesser hours, no longer “JOB LOCKED”. Re the CBO OBC will cut 2.5 million jobs due to the taxes. 3.6 million are currently out of work and this week 837,000 stopped looking for work. We have lost over 1 million jobs since Obama took office. We are trying too changing labor force due to insurance rather than job technology.
The next big terrorist attack will be against our power grid system. Dem’s continue to say we need more spending; by the way many of the parts for our power grid come from China. Adding charging stations to the grid, what effects will that have on it?

7 climate hubs are being set up by the government to help farmers at a cost of $150 billion. There will be rule changes and this money will go into a slush fund. Unions NLR, wants companies to hand over workers emails to them? More examples of the pork in the farm bill—($956 billion)—$2 million for sheep production and marketing, $17 million for catfish oversight programs, $1 billion for cotton income protection plan, $100 million to promote maple syrup. I voted for you bill now you need to do this for me”—Ring a bell?
Obama stated there is no corruption in the IRS even before any investigations or interviews have been held. They are so clean that they are getting $62.5 million in bonuses, which will go to 60-70% of the employees. (Glad they are now CEO’s). Despite a June 2013 IG report of the IRS employees improperly spending $103 million. 2010-12 the IRS spent $49 million on 220-employee conference. Lerner got a bonus of $42,531.00. 2010-12 Obama’s half brother received his 501c even while operating an illegal charity—he got his PDQ, while tea party applications are not been processed. The IRS average income is $73,351.00 while the average Americans is $40,563.00. Middle class workers wages will go down due to OBC—higher taxes and premiums (1-3%) middle class income is $21,000-40,000, under OBC middle class is those making $40,000-65,000. September 2009 Obama “the middle class will realize greater security, not higher taxes.”$1 million was made in CO on pot sales. Total Marijuana sales estimated for 2014 is $2.3 billion. $40 million of it is going to the schools.

We have NOT expanded the welfare state re Obama’s interview with O’Reily. Food stamps, disability, Medicaid and HUD all have gone up—16%. Even with the employment rate going down, why then has food stamps in 2008 have 28.2 million taking them and today it’s 47.6 million. The cost in 2008 was $37.6 billion today it’s $796 billion

Unemployment insurance spending in 2008 was $42.7 billion and in 2013 it was $78.6 billion? Russia has spend %50 billion on the Olympics with around $20 billion to Putin’s friends



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