What’s happened to America?

Forget whose in office as it seems to no longer matter as both sides are on a dead race to see who can fill their pockets first. With over 200 millionaires in the congress where do you start to undue decades of spending, poor leadership at all levels, the numerous scandals, regulations, and bills not read BUT passed.
Where has the common sense, the love of country formed by our Founding Father gone?
Today it seems that the past actions are ready to catch up to us and make us “all” pay the tab.
Unemployment, record spending, debt, deficits, credit downgrade, the IRS, NSA, AP, Fast and Furious, Freddie and Fannie, Iran, immigration, heath care, the Middle East, and Benghazi and now legalized drug sales and entitlements. America has turned its back on life long allies, are we ready to go it alone?
How have “we” the American people let these politicians run over us? Will we get our heads out of the sand before its too late? Will we continue on the path of APATHY? Are we going to allow the promises and double talk of D.C. just be forgotten by the taxpayer as we continue to return the same unqualified people to office based on more promises of greatness to come?
People its both parties, quite throwing up you hands and say what can I do about it?
Get informed, do your homework and most important VOTE using your heads and the facts and not your affiliations. Just because you’re a democratic or republican doesn’t mean you HAVE to vote for them because you belong to that party.


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