(23LF) 2/15/14
“January 1 marks an exciting new day in health care as millions of Americans will Now be able to Access care, thanks to the coverage they found at the Health Insurance Marketplace”—SEBELIUS—12/31/13
“There’s nothing people can do but kind of get in line”—SEBELIUS-1/15/14
But in an attempt to conceal the size of the monumental screw-up, the regime continually spews propaganda: the website has been fixed. Millions are signing up. People are happy and grateful. Everything is awesome.
ORPHANS, GHOSTS, TIME BOMBS: AP reports insurers are still receiving thousands of error-tainted enrollment forms. “Orphans signups that the government has on record but the insurer doesn’t—and “ghosts” signups that the insurer has on record but the government doesn’t. When it comes to costs, the bomb is ticking. At health care policy and marketplace review, health care expert Bob Laszewski points out Obamacare little-known $25 billion federal “risk fund”, designed to insulate insurance companies on the exchanges form the dire losses—until 2016. Krauthammer explains buried in OBC are a “re-insurance fund (section 1341) and a “risk corridor” provision (Section 1342) that guarantee a taxpayer payout covering up to 80% of insurance company losses.
There is no safety net for the millions who had their policies cancelled in 2013. Exact numbers are hard to come by, as several states are not officially tracking the data. There has been over 6.2 million cancellations as of 1/14/14. Forbes points out, HHS has estimated 40-67% of grandfathered plans will eventually be cancelled. Avik Roy estimates the total number at 93 million.
FED UP DOCTORS: A survey firm AMN Healthcare found that the 2013 vacancy rate for physicians was 18%; the rate for nurses was at 17%. That’s more than 3 times the rate in 2009. According to a survey of 14,000 doctors by the Physicians Foundation, 84% believe their profession is in decline, 77% are pessimistic abut the future of heath care in America—60% are pessimistic due to OBC and over 60% would retire today if they could.
The Washington Examiner reports that estimate 7 out of 10 physicians in CA. will not join Covered California, the state health exchange. Dr. Thorp president of the CA medical Assoc. explains—“We’re doing a service to the community. But we can’t do it at a loss. No other business would do that”.
Re the Washington post “fact checker” Glenn Kessler calls the Obama tweet “ridiculous” and awards “3 Pinocchios to everyone”. The regime counted a phantom 3.9million people who’ve supposedly “learned they’re eligible for Medicaid. The truth is, no one is “signed up” for coverage” who hasn’t paid the premium for their policy. According to Soros funded site ProPublica, the payment rate on OBC has only been around 5-15%.
At a 1/16 hearing, Harper queried Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Deputy adm Gary Cohen: “So we don’t know at this point how many people have actually paid for coverage.—Cohen’s “that’s right”
Regime officials have referred to in the past as “enrollments” are actually “SAMPS”—“selected a marketplace plan”—which is not the same as buying a policy.
A 6 state study by Dr Scott Gottlieb found enrollment figures to be “awful”. Those signing up are skewing older and sicker, rather than young and healthy
CNN on 1/16 “only about a quarter of those who signed up so far are between the ages of 18 and 34, lower than the roughly 40% share that the white house originally forecast”. “If the young and healthy choose not to purchase coverage and only older, costlier individuals sign up, then costs will increase across the board”.—Clare Krusing
A GLITCH DAY: 1/4/14 the white house confirmed that the healthcare website can’t handle baby updates—or any other change instatus for that matter. 1/5/14—HEALTH CARE.GOV DEFECTS LEAVE MORE THAN 100,000 POOR WITHOUT COVERAGE. (HOT AIR.COM) 1/9/14—SOME FIND HEALTH INSURERS HAVE NO RECORD OF THEM—AP.
1/16/14—one in seven of NM certified OBC navigators had a match in he FBI National Crime information center (NCIC) database, according to public records.
1/16/14—OBC continues to leave consumer datra vulnerable to theft months after security problems were first exposed. New federal health insurance entitlement program ‘remain fundamentally flawed in ways that make it dangerous to people who use it”.
11/2013—Obama told NBC’s Chuck Todd: “Ultimately I think I’ll be juddged on whether this thing is better for people overall”.

Sources—rush, Detroit free press, ap, whitehouse.gov, fox, forbes, amn healthcare, Washington examiner, propublica, cnn, national review, boston herald hotair.com


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