(48H) 2/15/14

It’s been 16 months , and the US government has neither captured nor killed a single participant in those attacks. The explanation for this failure—a lack of will, combined with a shameless mischaracterizations of intelligence—is almost as outrageous as the failure itself.
Since the attack in Benghazi, the administration has refused to publicity identify the parties responsible. Reports confirm (senate intel committee) that the US government’s investigation has turned up more and more ties to al Qaeda. Terrorist groups, including AQIM (al Qaeda in Islamic maghrebl), ansar al-sharia, AQAP (al qaeda in the arabian peninsula) and the Mohammad Jamal Network, participated in the 9-11 attacks” according to the senate report.
While some of the perpetrators may be tied to al qaeda, the administration argues, they are not part of “core” al qaeda. State department deputy spokesperson Marie Harf during a briefing on 1/14 in which a reporter pointed out that Feinstein has openly disagreed with the idea that al qaeda had nothing to do with the attacks. “I believe that groups loosely associated with Al qaeda were” involved.
Harf pointed to the State Dept recent terrorist designation of Ansar al Sharia, one of the groups responsible and conceded that there may be “some affiliations between some people in Ansar al Sharia and some people who may be affiliated with al Qaeda. Harf –“but lets be very clear that we don’t have evidence which I think we should all rely on evidence here—in our investigation that links core al Qaeda to developing, planning this attack at this point”
Senate intel committee report found that terrorists “affiliated” with four organizations participated in the attack. AQIM and AQAR are official branches of al Qaeda with sworn allegiance to Ayman al Zawahiri, the head of al Qaeda. Neither Harf nor any other adm. official has offered a precise definition of “core” al Qaeda. They operate in several counties across the globe.
A short biography of Nasir al Wuhayshi who is the general manager of al Qaeda. Wuhayshi was handpicked by bin Laden to serve as his aide-de-camp and protégé years before 9/11/01. in early 2009 he announced the creation of al Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula—a merger of al Qaeda wings in Saudi Arabia and Yemem. August of 2013 Zwahiri appointed Wuhayshi as al Qaeda’s global general manager. Some of Wuhayshi’s men participated in the Benghazi assault. Yemenis belonging to AQAP were directly involved. A third group Muhammad Jamal network is an Egyptian trained by al Qaeda. A commander in he Egyptian Islamic jihad (EIJ) merged with bin Laden. Jamal reveals that he has sworn BAYAT (an oath of allegiance) to Zawahiri. And requires Jamal to follow Zawahiri’s orders.
Both he State dept and UN have recognized in formal terrorist designations that Jamal conspired with AQAP, AQIM and al Qaeda senior leadership in Pakistan. Jamal Egyptian trainees helped overrun the US compound in Benghazi.
The administration recognized that Anmsar al Sharia Tunisia is, in fact, “tied” to al Qaedas branches, including AQIM. Ansar al Sharia Tunisia was responsible for the ransacking of the US embassy in Tunis on 9/14/12.
Former Gitmo detainee Suffan Ben Qumu a longtime al Qaeda operative and “associate “ of Bin Laden. Ben Qumu as an al Qaeda “member receiving family support” trained in al Qaeda camps received stipends and worked with senior al Qaeda leaders. Ben Qumu’s group in Derna also took part in the attack, according to the state dept.
A 7/6/12 report authored by the CIA, “Lubya: al Qaeda establishing sanctuary” described Jamal network AQAP and AQIM as “al Qaeda-affiliated” groups and warned that they “have conducted training, built communication networks and facilitated extremists travel across North Africa from their safe haven in parts of eastern Libya”.
Petraeus testified on 9/13/12 he was clear that “al Qaeda elements” were involved in the assault. The administration claims there is no evidence that “core al Qaeda” gave a secret, specific order for these groups to conduct this particular attack, but we know that senior al Qaeda leaders wanted US facilities attacked. The attacks was also said to be avenging the death of Abu Yaha al Libi a senior al Qaeda operative form Libya killed by a US drone.
The administration is using lawyerly misdirection to excuse its failure to capture or kill any perpetrators.
Martin Dempsey—Joint Chief of Staff said the US military was not authorized to target the Benghazi attacker because they were not considered “al Qaeda” or “associated forces” and were therefore not covered by the Authorization for the Use of Military Force passed by Congress after the original 9/11 attack. WHAT BULL SHIT
Thus the official position of the administration as conveyed under oath in a classified setting by the nations top uniformed military official: the Benghazi attackers are not covered by the AUMF because they are neither al Qaeda nor “associated forces”

Sources—weekly standard, the hill, Stephen haues, Thomas joscelyn, wsj


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