2/22/14 (40H)
National debt is now at $17.3 trillion. And still Obama asks for $56 billion more in spending. What happened to the millions spent on the stimulus—shovel ready jobs??
The latest estimates on household increases due to OBC is family @ $260.00 and individual @ $160.00—long ways from that $2500.00 savings. There is no plan is place for the IRS to do any collections on OBC. Re the CBO they estimate that the $10.10 mim. Wage will cost us 500,000 jobs.

Dems have a proposal to give all newborn babies $500.00 to start a savings account of some sort—through the government. Unions are trying to unionize some athletics’ at some of the private colleges?

Sebelius says there are no job losses due to OBC, every economics says this—but she didn’t mention any of them.
Fisker is bankrupt but don’t worry the Chinese are buying them—they still owe the government $139 million. They also bought the bankrupt battery company A123 on which we lost millions.
Since 2009–$32 billion spent on 26 green energy projects @2300 jobs or $14 million a job.

The government likes this mim. wage because then people will not have to work as hard.
Hollywood stars and ball players get millions for a single picture/season, why hasn’t obama gone after them like he has CEO’s and big business


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