Surely a lot of this will not be news to you, but just in case. The following are just a few examples of how our government is spending “our” money.

$224,863.00 for a study on ONE size fits all Condoms. In 2009 they spent $423,500.00 on a study to learn why condom usage is so low in the USA.
Then there the untold millions paid to the failed Obamacare website CGI-sorry Michelle!
$5.25 million in food stamp fraud in Butler county CA.
We’ve went from just over to 200 to 268 millionaires in congress, their average worth is $1,009 million.
In 1962 we had 2.48 million federal civilian employees, in 2011 its now 2.75 million.
Any bets on the amount of the bailout given to the insurance companies?
Iran just got $500 million toward its promised $7 billion for sanctions.
In 50 years the war on poverty has cost more than $20 trillion. In 1964 36 million on it and today its 47 million.
10 helicopters are being purchased from RUSSIA for Afghanistan—nobody makes them in the USA??
There were 18.9 million marijuana users in 2012.
Since 2009, $32 billion in green energy loans for 26 projects, only got us 2300 jobs—that’s $14 million a job.
Anybody know the number of military General who have been forced to retire or resign lately?
As on 2/13/14—6,286.377 have lost their insurance.
The stimulus according to Obama created 8 million jobs???
Lastly with income inequality the IRS is still going to get $62.5 million in bonuses in 2013, in 2012 it was $89.1 million.
And Pelosi is the current top democratic fundraiser somewhere around $35 million.


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