As I stand back and watch our elected officials with their personal agenda’s, I feel like we are spinning out of control and the sad part is “WE” the taxpayers, don’t even realize we are spinning.
Could the meaning of the following words have any bearing on our current turmoil? Do they give you pause to worry, or are we just too:
STUPID: lacking ordinary quickness of mind and wanting in understanding. The constitution, Dodd-Frank, IRS, NSA, spending, executive orders, bailouts, IPAB, lies, downsizing the military, terrorism, war-on-women, Russia, China, Korea, bankruptcies, 100 plus lawsuits, sequester, Shariah, and missile defense.
Are we to DEPENDENT on the government? Subordinate, appurtenance, relying on, contingent on like, Obamacare, waivers, unemployment, food stamps, Medicaid, disability, class warfare, inequality, unions, entitlements and earmarks?
Do we suffer from APATHY—absence of passion, emotion, lack of interest, indifference, of no concern? Snowden, deflects the blame, abortions, guns, czars, appointees, DOJ, DHS, HHS, DOE, HUD, Israel, promises made, Syria, Benghazi, fast and furious, Freddie and Fannie, abortion.
Or is it that just plain IGNORANCE has taken us over—lack of knowledge in relation to a particular subject, uninformed. Bills being passed without being read first, EPA, Middle East, Lobbyist, green energy, the pipeline, illegals, brotherhood, terrorism, education, U.N., sealed records, civilian army, judges, racism, sanctions, transparency, bi-partnership, voter fraud, foia.
How else can ‘we’ justify just sitting on our hands as billions/trillions are being spent without regard for the taxpayer?—VOTE THEM OUT!


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