3/22/14 40H

The government has taken in over $1.1 trillion in taxes the first 5 months of this financial period, but the national debt is now at $17.5 trillion. Spending is on track at $1.5 trillion, which will add to the debt $900 billion. Spending is three times higher that in 2000. We are now considered to the have the Worst congress in our history! We will be spending 2.2% of our income on just the interest on the debt. Fraud is costing us trillions. The current projection on the debt is that in 10 years is will be at $35 trillion. According to the government inflation IS NOT a problem. 42% of college graduates not planning on having kids. We need at least a rate of 2.1 per couple, currently we are at 1.88.

Unions now want a $15 minimum wage. 38% of companies of minimum wage workers said they would be laying off people.51% of companies will have to raise their prices. Small business owners don’t have the power in congress to get any help. Too many small ones—not powerful like big companies. Re the HILL, premiums under ACA to spike 2 to 3 times in a matter of months. The insurance companies will be making more money. And after ACA is finalized there will still be 30 million people without insurance.
IRS employee took records of 20,000 IRS workers. 36% of workers have less than $1000.00 put back for retirement.

Putin in 2006, 2008, and 2009 limited the supply of natural gas to the Ukraine (export bans). Germany depends on Russian oil (40%) so don’t look to them for help in the Ukraine. USA is going to give control (web control) to China. Control of what you’ll be able to send.

Obama, and Kerry —“we are in way threatening Russia”. while we have conflicts in the Ukraine and the Middle East Obama has time for golf, final 4 brackets and sending the family off to China for another vacation.
On 6/4/09—Obama—“any world national order that elevated one group of people over another will fail”. ACA spending $17 million a MONTH on celebrity advertising ads. If its such a great program why the need to spend $17 million a month to run ads? There are least 28 changes that have been made to ACA men could see premium increases of 97%, while women would be around 55%.
Medicare and Medicaid have unfunded liabilities of $100 trillion. The Virginia state legislature is honoring terrorist AL AWLAKI, MALIK HASAN, SHEIKH MOHAMMED at their local Mosque.
White house women are making 82% of what the male workers are being paid


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