#1—ASSAD CALLS OBAMA’S BLUFF: The timing was probably not a coincidence, 8/18/11 Obama first demanded Syrian Assad step aside. And 8/20/11, Obama warned that the use of chemical weapons would “change my calculus.” The purpose of waging an attack under the watchful eyes of the UN is to show his adversaries that the international communities are not going to help them. Your western friends won’t help you, they are so craven, so eager for a reason to do nothing, they will suggest that the chemical attacks was perhaps a ploy-that tot get them to enter the war on your side, you kicked your own children. “These neighborhoods are not far form Mt. Qassioun but also high ground form which the régime can easily fire on the rebels, they overlook the Damascu-Homs highways. It is essential Assad establish control over this territory. US military force can change the balance of power—“but it cannot resolve the underlying and historic ethnic, religious and tribal issues that are fueling this conflict.” The Obama-Dempsey doctrine will always be an excuse for doing nothing. To enforce his red line over the use of chemical weapons, Obama decided two months ago to send arms to the Syrian rebels. Obama aid Ben Rhodes when pressed repeatedly avoided specifics. Charlie Rose discussed his new Syria policy with the president—no specifics but well you know?
State’s Jen Psaki was asked about the red line she said she didn’t want to have a “debate or conversation about red lines,” “lets not talk about red today”. When pushed further by reporters about arms to the rebels, she read form the adm script: “I’m not going to outline for you what—a laundry lost of what we’re doing. But we’ve talked about it in the past, we’ve talked about why we can’t talk about it in the past”. The reality is that the rebels are not getting nor arms form the US says Dempsey. “We continue to deliver humanitarian and security assistance to Syria’s neighbors.’ (Laugh here) “as well as non-lethal assistance to the opposition”. Rebel leaser said there is no lethal military aid coming from Washington. (laugh again). The adm has used the press to obscure the fact that Obama is not enforcing his red line—if indeed he ever really had on to begin with.
Sources—weekly standard, lee smith,

less than 3 years sine the fruit vendor Bouazizi set himself on fire in the small Tunisian town of Sidi Bouzid, sparking the events that topple dictator Ben Ali and launched the “Arab Spring’. The high hopes have faded; Tunisia is in disarray, its society deeply divided and violence flaring. 7/25 Mohamed Brahmi was shot 14 times, the same weapon used to kill another opposition figure Chokri Belaid in February. The families of both victims put the blame squarely in Ennahda—the Muslim Brotherhood party in power—its founder and leader Rachid Ghanouchi. 82 fo the 217 members of parliament are boycotting the assembly to protest Ennahda’s rule. Unclear is what action will be taken by the UGTT a 750,000 strong trade union known as “el makina”. Sometimes likened to that of the army in Egypt. The UGTT was the driving forces behind Ali’s fall and could very well take the lead in turning Ennahda out! On 8/16 s &P downgraded Tunisia’s credit rating (second time) to a B. 65% of Tunisians considered the terrorist threat high and 74% blamed it on Ennahda’s lenience towards jihadist. Ennahda maintained close relations with Al Sharia. Ennahda government has ceded control of dozens of mosques to jihadists who have used them to recruit extensively. Estimates that the number of jihadist in the country has rocketed form 800 a year ago to some 3,000-4,000 today. Ennahda has steadily reached out to jihadist for both ideological and opportunistic reasons. Al Qaeda as long ago as Oct., 2012 embraced Ennahda’s goal of implementing Sharia in Tunisia. AQIM operatives, veterans of the fight in Mali are joining forces with Tunisia Salafists kicked out of Syria. Algerian extremist are helping their Tunisian counterparts manufacture IED’s. Algeria has refused to cooperate with the Islamist regime in Tunisia because of its Salaftis elements. Between domestic unrest and the deliberate meddling of jihadist from abroad Tunisia is poised for continuing and possibly explosive instability. (HERE WE GO AGAIN)
source: weekly standard, Olivier gutta,

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